Back in the Saddle Again!

Here we are in full swing of the back to school routine. I thought that I would share some of our tips for getting us out the door in the morning with some semblance of order. In our family, we try to do as much the night before as we can, so that we are [...]

More uses for vinegar and other Tues Tips!

By now, I think it is pretty clear to see what a wonderful product vinegar is, but here are some more uses: – place 1/4 -1/2 tsp in your liquid dish detergent to increase the grease fighting ability -for laundry stains – treat white clothes with yellowing stains without using bleach. Soak the garment in [...]

Helpful Heather's Cool as a Cucumber!

There are a couple of things I have noticed lately. The first is that although my family loves cucumbers, they are coming out of our garden at a faster rate than we can eat them in salads, scooped out with peanut butter in the middle as a snack, or even as the occasional beauty treatment [...]