1,000 Places to See Before You Die – A Fashionista Events Giveaway

1000 Places To See

Patricia Shultz’s bestselling 1,000 Places to See Before You Die has recently been re-released in the form of a full-color second edition. The book, which has spawned a number of knock-offs, is so much more than just a simple travel guide. Each entry not only tells the reader why the place should be visited but also the pertinent information such as websites, phone numbers and the best time to place a visit. Plus, this new version includes 200 additional pages covering 28 new countries. The book … [Read more...]

Monday Free Offers

Sign up for Ideal Bite and look hot and stay cool with these sizzlin' natural living tips ... just for summer. Nielsen Homescan is taking new applicants! If you every wanted to be apart of the consumer panel, now is the time! Food Arts magazine by Trade Pub is offering a free subscription. Planning Family is offering free baby samples and coupons. You can order free travel guides HERE. Do you have a non-profit organization? You can subscribe to the NonProfit Times for free. … [Read more...]