Top 10 Trader Joe’s Fall Finds

trader joes

Shop Trader Joe's for These Fabulous Fall FindsAs the air starts to chill and the days shorten, I really start craving comfort foods. Imagine my delight when my October Fearless Flyer arrived in the mail from Trader Joe's. It was full of fabulous comfort foods and new things to try. I was heading there for a shopping trip and ventured to try new things. I created a list of my Top 10 Fall Finds and wanted to share with you. ...

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Trader Joe’s Trip

Trader Joe's

  Trader Joe's I have a weird grocery shopping routine. You see I switch store each week. This week I decided that all the stores in my area really didn't have great deals on the things we need. I go to kroger/ harris teeter using coupons, Sam's club which by the way is only $5.16 today for a membership <---- HUGE DEALS. Then I go to Trader Joe's. I make an emergency run to Food lion since it is near us. I have a $125 a week budget for 5 people. We eat a lot of fruit and veggies so I ...

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Trader Joe’s Must Buy List

Trader Joes

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I entered into Trader Joe's. I thought it would be a mecca of high price specialty items. I am a closet foodie on a frugal budget. I coupon shop so I can splurge on the good stuff. Well, now I can have more amazing treats since Trader Joe's is affordable.  I asked my fans what should I buy while I am there. This is what you said. If I am missing something add it in the comments. I am going to clean up and categorize the list.We asked our readers ...

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