Fall Bucket List Printable


Fall Bucket List Printable *Click on the image to enlarge and print! Fall is my favorite time of the year! The changing of the leaves, the smells of apple and cinnamon in the air, and smiles carved into pumpkins. So every year my family and I make a Fall Bucket List of all the fun things we want to do that season! We are lucky that here in Tennessee we get a real fall with great temperatures and big pumpkin patches.  … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Dressing


Use Gluten Free Dressing rather than stuffing this year! Enjoy gluten free dressing with your Thanksgiving meal. Dressing tends to have less bread in the dish and more vegetables thus making it easier to have less gluten right from the beginning of the recipe!  Even if you are not cooking gluten free this recipe is the perfect one to use imperfect cornbread! You may note in the picture there was an odd crack in my cornbread!? [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:216] *Many individuals with celiacs or … [Read more...]

How to Cook a Turkey


How to Cook a Turkey I was scare to cook a turkey. I mean it looks hard. I always remembered people looking like they have run a race after cooking this beast. I decided I would figure it out. I hope my post how you cook a turkey will help even the newest cook make a fantastic turkey. Ingredients: Turkey Chicken Brooth 1 stick of Butter Salt and Pepper Olive oil Herbs (You can use rosemary) I cheat and use Herbes De Provence it sounds fancy and tastes great roasting … [Read more...]

Gifts in Jars: Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

smFall jar final

Need a Thanksgiving hostess gift or Fall gift?This Thanksgiving Hostess gift is super easy and great for a child helper to assemble  in preparation of your Thanksgiving or fall visit to family and friends or the local nursing home. Use this Gifts in Jars Thanksgiving Hostess Gift with a Real Deal for an inexpensive pretty gift! This gift can be used as a Thanksgiving Hostess gift just as the Gift in Jars: Turkey Noodle soup can be used.  However, this can also be an extra treat for someone … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Tips

gluten free thanksgiving

If you are determined to have a Gluten Free Thanksgiving, these tips will make your preparations much easier! Going somewhere for Thanksgiving? Use these Gluten Free Thanksgiving tips to gauge how safe a dish may be. The typical meal for Thanksgiving includes:  Turkey, cranberry sauce, green bean (casserole?), sweet potatoes (casserole?), and stuffing. The first items to eliminate from the list of concerns are those that are very unlikely to have gluten in them or in their recipe: … [Read more...]

Karla’s Korner: Being Thankful When Times are Tough


Being Thankful When Times are Tough Being Thankful When Times are Tough…. It’s November and that means everybody is posting “I am thankful for ____________” on Facebook. It seems that the minute November 1 rolls around we are all ready to proclaim just how wonderful our lives are and how thankful we are for even the little things. Last year I wrote about being thankful and professed that I was going to be different and write a thankful post every day for an entire year; that didn't … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Dinner $50 Giveaway

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner $50 Giveaway Win $50 for Thanksgiving Dinner Did you know that the average American household will spend almost $50 for Thanksgiving Dinner? That may sound like a lot, but the time together as a family is priceless. Wouldn't it be awesome to have extra cash to spend for Thanksgiving dinner? Join our awesome giveaway now! Well, a few of us bloggers got together and we want to tell you THANK YOU for being our reader. We love having readers that come back and check out … [Read more...]

Fall Round-up: Turkeys


Together with my friends from Mavens of Money we bring you our hottest posts this fall. This week we're sharing all about TURKEYS. The Mavens of Money group is comprised of 11 bloggers:  MadameDeals | The Coupon Challenge | Mom On Dealz | Coupons are Great | This Mama Loves | A Frugal Chick | The Centsible Family | Stretching Your Budget  | Penny Filled Pantry | Freebie Spot | Saving Toward Better Life | Thanksgiving is just around the corner so let's talk turkey! And by turkey, I … [Read more...]

Presentable Leftovers


I am not sure about your Thanksgiving dinner but our holidays are spent hanging out with our family and watching football. We now all have children so the holiday have become more meaningful. It has always been a tradition for our family to make Thanksgiving dinner again at our house since we always travel to our families. The problem is I have tons of Turkey leftover. Turkey Leftovers recipes The easiest way to make over Turkey is to be creative. We love Great Value Rolls This recipes … [Read more...]

Wolfgang Puck Electric Knife and Bamboo Cutting Board Set only $34 with Free Shipping! (73% Off)

wolfgang puck electric knife

Hurry and check out this hot deal!!! Pay only $34 for Wolfgang Puck Electric Carving Knife with a Bamboo Cutting Board ($124.99 List Price)! Perfect tools for carving your thanksgiving turkey. Two stainless-steel blades included, one for carving and one for trimming. Also, Wolfgang Puck and magic-potion recipes included. Free Shipping. Set includes: … [Read more...]