Saved 75% total at Target, Walgreens & Harris Teeter

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Just back from an amazing grocery trip! In total, I saved $195.58 between the three stores and spent $67.66 out of pocket. Now that DOES NOT include the $20 in Register Rewards I earned or the $5.00 Target card I received. If you take the Register Rewards and the Target card into account, this trip was awesome! Harris Teeter (Rock Bottom Deals HERE) Spent: $24.78 Saved: $117.13 w/ VIC card and coupons; 82.5% (to be fair, I did have some FREE item coupons that I received via snail … [Read more...]



Remember that you can print Target store coupons HERE. (scroll down the page until you get to the Target coupon generator, enter the number of coupons you want, it will generate multiple coupons) If you prefer, you can print them from the Target site HERE. Have you noticed that Target is now selling more grocery items? They are trying to keep up with Walmart so stay tuned for more grocery items available at your local Target. [%printable-list:PublixNovember11%] … [Read more...]

It is not what you save it is what you spend

The title of this post is dedicated to my husband.. before I started my coupon habit.. I would save tons! I mean I would buy three shirts because they were on "sale". You know three shirts on "sale" equaled the cost of one normal priced shirt. My husband loves to listen to me reason my purchases he found it charming.(HA HA HA) I mean he is in sales and I could easily sell anything to anyone. One day I┬ácame home with bags of on sale goods and he smiled and said, "Amee, it is not what you save it … [Read more...]

Target Store Coupons

Did you know that Target has store coupons? You can print Target web coupons HERE. I have also find Target coupons in the Sunday paper occasionally, in magazines and in my snail mailbox. Why are Target coupons so beneficial? Well, remember that you can stack store coupon with a manufactures coupon. A store coupon and a manufacture coupon allows you to use TWO coupons on one item. Stacking coupons can make for some great deals! If an item will generate possible overage, give a manufactures … [Read more...]