Why I left my purchases at the big box bullseye store

You all know I hate poor processes and customer service. I believe that every store needs to make it easy for a person to shop in their establishment no matter how big their operation. I won several giftcards using superpoints. You can sign up here since it is FREE to sign up for Superpoints.  I had $100 in egiftcards to the bullseye store. I gathered all my purchases and I went to pay using my egift card in my cellphone. I then read further and saw I had to deposit this in  "mobile" account. I ...

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It is not what you save it is what you spend


The title of this post is dedicated to my husband.. before I started my coupon habit.. I would save tons! I mean I would buy three shirts because they were on "sale". You know three shirts on "sale" equaled the cost of one normal priced shirt. My husband loves to listen to me reason my purchases he found it charming.(HA HA HA) I mean he is in sales and I could easily sell anything to anyone. One day I came home with bags of on sale goods and he smiled and said, "Amee, it is not what you save it ...

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