6 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Social Media


6 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Social MediaThese are some scary times, and they are not going to get any easier either! If we don't teach our kids who else will? We are their parent; we are not their friend. Yes restricting them from the internet, phone or computer might upset them.They will survive...we did!But, seriously, we do need to protect our children from some things! It is like swimming in the ocean, if you swim out too far is hard to pull them back in. Setting ...

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Social Media Debate: Is It Still Okay to Call Someone Ma’am?


Social Media DebateIf you have a social media account such as Facebook or Twitter, you have probably found yourself involved in at least a debate or two about an issue that appeared on your feed. Sometimes these issues revolve around national, local, or community politics. Others may be centered on questions posed about child rearing. Still others may involve your favorite sports team or a celebrity scandal. Social Media Debate: Is It Still Okay to Call Someone Ma'am? This past week, a ...

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Parent tips for Social Media


Parent tips for Social Media Parent Tips for Social Media- Did you know that 22% of Teens and Preteens log on to their social media accounts more than 10 times a day? A day. Also, 75% of teens have personal cell phones. Today's youth are consumed with the idea of being able to share their lives via social media, and connecting with others. This can be a great thing, but also a dangerous one. With cyber bullying and catfishing running rampant on social  sites like  Facebook, ...

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My Social Media Vortex Robbed My Family

Social Media 2

Social Media Stole Me From My FamilyI lost myself somewhere between Twitter and Facebook. I don't know when it happened but I know that my family noticed it before I did. They gave me multiple passes and I had excuses until I realized that I would end up in full panic mode when I noticed my battery was almost dead on my smartphone.I remember a time when a dead battery on your phone was cause for concern because you might need it if there was an emergency. Now I was worried because I might ...

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