How to Make Pillow Shams

How to Make Pillow Shams

How to Make Pillow Shams Cases, covers and shams, Oh, My! There are so many fun ways to decorate pillow and shams is just one! This tutorial was created to show you how to create your own sham patterns. You'll need newspaper or paper for creating your pattern pieces pillow case or pillow case pattern (insert pillow case tutorial here) pen/pencil/marker for tracing/drawing Instructions on How to Make Pillow Shams: … [Read more...]

How to Make Boppy Cover Pattern

Boppy Cover

How to Make Boppy Cover Pattern Whether you're looking for a simple replacement or a fancy cover, this boppy cover pattern tutorial will help you create all the Boppy covers you could ever want! To start, let's make the boppy cover pattern. You'll need: newspaper or other paper to make your pattern pieces boppy pillow or cover to use for tracing pen/pencil/marker for tracing tape, as needed, to connect smaller sheets of paper used to create the pattern pieces … [Read more...]

DIY Dish Mat & Burp Cloth


DIY Project I love picking up sheets and pillow cases at yard sales and thrift stores. You never know what you will be able to use them for. I picked up this heavy Ralph Lauren top sheet at a yard sale a while back. I needed a new dish mat, so I decided I would try to make one. I used a piece of this sheet and a towel that had gotten a hole in but it’s too nice to use for a rag. First thing you need to do is cut the towel and the sheet to the size you want. Then with the right … [Read more...]

Thursday Crafts: Bandana Dress

sewing, cows 001

I am sure you have seen these around.  They are Bandana Dresses.  I have been taking them to craft shows, and they are a HUGE hit. This simple dress can fit a little girl from about 6 months on up to a size 8.  You won't find any other clothing like that.  They are simple to make as well. You will need 2 bandanas 2 yards of ribbon … [Read more...]