Grocery List

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Grocery List 10. Because you always forget the one item necessary to make that recipe. 9. Because if it is not on the list, it's a "NO". 8. Because your child just sneezed. Tissue, huh! 7. To relocate that pesky fly. 6. Because you are at the store and you don't know why. 5. To protect your cart from the extra junk food. 4. Mommy brain! 3. To distract the shopper next to you. While they pick up your list, you pick up the last sale item! 2. How else would you … [Read more...]

Expired Coupons at Bed, Bath & Beyond

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Did you know you CAN use expired coupons at Bed, Bath & Beyond? Well, you can. I save ALL of my Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons and use them when they have great sales. The other great thing about Bed, Bath & Beyond is that you can use more than one coupon per transaction. That's right, more than one per transaction! You can use one 20% off coupon PER ITEM that you are purchasing. That is why I save so many of them!┬áThese coupons┬ácomes in handy around the holidays! So how do you get the … [Read more...]

Rock Bottom Drug Store Roundup

Here is a list of the BEST deals happening at the drug stores this week.CVSBayer Breeze2 or Contour Glucose Meter $14.99 ($5 ECB's, limit 2)-$14.99 from coupon (says $30 but will be adjusted down), makes it a $5 moneymaker!Note: Walgreens is running a similar promotion with Register Rewards for the monitor.Bayer Quick Release Crystals $2.00 ($2 ECB's, limit 1)-$1.00 coupon from tear pad near display; makes it a $1 moneymaker!Schick Quattro For Women $8.99 ($4 ECB's, limit 5)-$4.00 coupon form … [Read more...]

Target Store Coupons

Did you know that Target has store coupons? You can print Target web coupons HERE. I have also find Target coupons in the Sunday paper occasionally, in magazines and in my snail mailbox. Why are Target coupons so beneficial? Well, remember that you can stack store coupon with a manufactures coupon. A store coupon and a manufacture coupon allows you to use TWO coupons on one item. Stacking coupons can make for some great deals! If an item will generate possible overage, give a manufactures … [Read more...]