10 Ways to Save Money While Packing Your Kid’s Lunch

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With school starting our minds turn to packing lunches for our always hungry children. My daughter is 8 and gets a snack break once a day. This means I have to pack an additional snack with her lunch each day. I am always looking for ways to save money on lunches but do not want to spend too much extra time doing it. Why, you ask because for me TIME and MONEY are things I am always trying to save. I have created a list of ten ways to save money without adding a lot of time to an already busy ...

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Ask a Teacher/ MOM … What's for lunch?

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ASK A TEACHER Matthew: Please, mommy and daddy pack me a lunch I like. I need to be fed and full of energy.(repeating what we say over and over again)   Me: What would you like?   Matthew: I have no idea.   Me: Well think of something we have 15 minutes before we have to go to school. Matthew: random list of items. Me: Well it sounds like you need the big lunch bag today. Matthew: Yes, mommy I think it is going to be one of those days. Me: (in my head not aloud isn't it always one of those ...

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