Teriyaki Salmon Recipe With a Sriracha Glaze

salmon recipe

Teriyaki Salmon Recipe With A  Sriracha Glaze I hope everyone is having a great week! I'm continuing on my journey to a healthy lifestyle and I'm always trying to think of new and yummy recipes that are not only good for you but taste great. Because let's face it, no matter how good for a you a food is, if it doesn't taste good, you are not going to want to eat it. As I'm typing I'm choking down a protein shake, because I know I need it, but I don't like it lol. (Side note, if you have a ...

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Low Calorie Salmon Patties


Low Calorie Salmon Patties If you are looking for a different twist on salon, you have got to try these low calorie salmon patties! They are crispy and yummy, and are easy peasy to make. I took a traditional salmon patty recipe and did a few tweaks to make them more waistline friendly, while not compromising the taste. These low calorie salmon patties come in about 200 calories for 4 patties. Here is how to make my Low Calorie Salmon Patties: ...

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Salmon for Dinner


 Last week we made fruit salad. It was a huge hit. You can replicate our easy fruit salad. It actually was such a hit the kids asked me to help them make it again. We decided to have sandwich night. We love Salmon.We toasted bread and applied cream cheese. The we put on cucumbers and red onions on the toast. We topped it with the salmon. It is easy to make and healthy. The kids are able to easily help and the ate every bite! It is so hard to be successful with three children but this is one ...

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