June Small Business Showcase – Mary Kay Review

mary kay

Mary Kay Takes Your Lashes from Drab to Fab   Mary Kay Lash Love Bundle  Review I was born blonde so my eyelashes are very light and appear almost non-existent. I am always on the hunt for a mascara that will lengthen my eyelashes without making me look like I have feathers for eyelashes. I also hate when the mascara fades and flakes off during the day. I want lashes that will last all day and are look long and fabulous. I don't think that is too much to ask for and neither does Mary Kay ...

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Eat to Win Review

eat to win

Healthy Eating Rules will Help You Win When You Play Eat to Win  Eat to Win is the game that teaches the benefits of Nutrition and Exercise in a fun and easy way. Eat to Win has a series of games that teach children nutrition facts without them even knowing it. I received the Board Game to review and my daughter was very excited to play it once it arrived. My husband and I sat down to play it with her and we had just as much as she did.  Our dogs even joined in on the activity ...

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Cedar Point Review

cedar point

 Cedar Point Offers Something for EveryoneI hadn't been to Cedar Point since I was a teenager so when I got the opportunity to go last weekend, I was excited as the kids. I was a little worried because neither of my kids have been on roller coasters before and I didn't want to hear the whole time how bored they were. I reassured them there were other types of rides but my husband and I secretly talked about how we were going to get them on at least one coaster before the weekend was ...

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Ellie Review


Ellie Review - Fitness ApparelEllie.com is your answer. What was the question? The question was where do I find flattering fitness gear? How do I know if it right for me? I was given the opportunity to try their service. I go to the gym for fun. I mean to exercise. Well, for the childcare and because I really do enjoy yoga, pump, and the heated pool. What I do not like is looking through my drawers trying to find something that matches or fits correctly. I mean in yoga you have to worry ...

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The Melting Pot Review

the melting pot

 The Melting Pot is my choice for a night out. The Melting Pot Entree Vegetables simmering in the Coq Au Vin Cooking Style. I visited The Melting Pot on two separate occasions last month and was impressed both times. Each visit was a date night and a chance to catch up with friends and family, Kids Free. Each time was an experience of its own and provided a time of conversation, relaxation, amazing service, and delectable food.The Melting Pot has recently reworked their menu and have ...

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All New Roku 3 Review and Giveaway

Roku 3

Who Needs Cable When You Have a Roku? About 3 years ago, my husband came to me with a “radical” suggestion – to get rid of our cable television. Here’s some of what went through my head: “No cable? With two kids under the age of 5? I love TV! He must be out of his mind!!!”After the initial shock wore off, we took a look at the facts. We were spending over $70 just for basic cable. That's over $800 a year! No premium channels, no DVR. Our kids watched only a handful of TV shows on the same ...

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Promgirl.net Prom Dress Review

prom dress

Prom Dress ReviewIs your daughter gearing up for prom? My daughter is planning her prom like she would be planning her wedding day. She is so excited to pick out her dress. We decided on getting a dress from Promgirl.net. PromGirl has so many different dresses and styles to pick from. ...

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Fashion Friday: Iman Adorned Review

iman adorned

I am Madame Deals. I know that may not mean much to you but that means I like a good deal. I love fashion and make up and anything that glitters. I hate paying a lot of money and I do not have time for anything complicated. I was lucky enough to work with IMAN cosmetics and they generously fed my make up addiction with amazing products. They were easy to apply. I loved the Adorned make up kit. The best part about IMAN is it is made for women of all skin types. The picture above was take after I ...

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Current Choice: My choice is select your own savings

    I love to save money. I used to think it was impossible to lower my electronic rate. You know "they" determine the charge per kilowatt and you pay it no matter what. That’s actually not true any more. I used to think I had no choice in who provides my electricity. That is actually not true either. You could say it was a "lightbulb" moment for me when I found out about CurrentChoice. With CurrentChoice you can choose who provides your electricity AND you can lower your electric bill hundreds ...

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