Elenco Snap Circuit Green Alternative Educational Kit Review

Elenco Snap Circuit Green Alternative Educational Kit

The Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit by Elenco is a fun way to learn about modern energy sources. Over 125 projects can be made from the one simple kit! The directions for the projects are well written and easy to follow. The pieces are building blocks that easily snap together to build the electronic circuits in the projects. I look forward to using this kit over and over in my classroom and I know my students will LOVE the hands-on aspect. This would also make an excellent gift for ages 8 … [Read more...]

CurrentChoice: Going Green For Very Little Green

current choice 2

Turn Your Household Green for Very Little Green. I know I have made the choice to use products that are ¬†environmentally friendly. I want to leave the world the way I found it by reducing my footprint. It is my duty and responsibility as a parent. The first thought I had was what is renewable energy, clean electricity and carbon offsets, oh my! What does it all mean? And can the decisions I make in my household really make a difference? Did you know? The average household emits about 8 … [Read more...]