Homemade Weight Watchers Taco Seasoning Recipe

weight watchers taco seasoning

Homemade Weight Watchers Taco Seasoning Recipe So I was watching TV while on a blogging break earlier this morning and something got me thinking, why is there SO much crap in our food lately!? It seems like there are more and more things that have ingredients that I can pronounce. With that in mind, and remembering that it was taco night, I thought I would ditch the premade stuff and try to make everything from scratch. So that meant ditching the taco kit and learning to season my own taco ...

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Birthday Cake Milkshake Recipe

Birthday Cake Milkshake

Birthday Cake Milkshake Recipe Happy May everyone! May is one of the busiest months for my family. We have the end of the school year, Mother's Day, Dance pictures (which is a whole production ha!), my fathers birthday, and most importantly, my daughters birthday! My little girl is turning 7 this year, which is something so hard to believe! I swear just last week I was changing her diapers. How does time move so fast!? ...

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Copycat Chili’s Salsa Recipe

Copycat Chilis Salsa Recipe

Copycat Chili's Salsa Recipe I don't know about you, but when it comes to food some of my favorite is any kind of dip! Veggie dip, fondue, chip dip,salsa, you name it. If I can dip it, it's for me. I love to make them at home and I also make sure to grab something dippable when I'm out. My daughter and husband's favorite restaurant is Chili's Bar and Grill and they ask to go ALL THE TIME. Which is fine by be because they have amazing salsa. So I was thinking of making it at home for when I ...

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Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade Recipe Summer is almost here, I can feel it! While watching the news this morning my lovely weather man (who happens to be adorable) promised us warm sunny days for next week with high's in the 80s! I for one, am very excited about this change in temperature and it got me thinking of sipping a cold drink on my back porch this weekend. ...

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Weight Watchers Mixed Berry Cobbler Cake Recipe

berry cobbler recipe

Weight Watchers Mixed Berry Cobbler Cake Recipe One of my favorite things about spring is getting together with family to enjoy the nice weather, each others company, and some sweet treats. While watching the news over the weekend I saw that our local berry farm was open for business and it was time to go pick some fresh berries! If you have one of these types of farms in your area I highly suggest you checking it out. Nothing compares to the taste of a fresh berry right off the vine, trust ...

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Strawberry Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake Recipe

icecream cake reci\pe

Strawberry Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake Recipe So, I don't normally have a sweet tooth, but when I do I gotta have something sweet ASAP! Yesterday was one of those days that I really wanted something sweet. I was craving a cupcake and some ice cream at the same time, so I thought I would combine the 2 for 1 tasty treat! I always thought making an ice cream cake would be super hard, but man was I wrong. My Strawberry Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake took about 10 minutes to put together ...

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Watermelon Sorbet Recipe

Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon Sorbet Recipe Summer is almost here ya'll! Is it getting hot where you live yet? I heard it was still snowing in some places, crazy! Today in the south it's a beautiful sunny day and we are preparing for a cookout and some fun in the sun! While I love a great cookout, we have been concentrating on eating a little healthier, so our usual dessert choices of cupcakes and ice cream isn't gonna cut it anymore. So that got me thinking of how I was going to be able to provide a yummy ...

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Easy Patriotic Strawberries Recipe

Patriotic Strawberries

Easy Patriotic Strawberries Recipe Looking for an easy way to add a patriotic flair to your Memorial Day menu? This Easy Patriotic Strawberries Recipe is perfect for you! I love finding any way to show my love for what I consider that greatest country in the world, the US! This recipe takes just a few minutes to make, and is easy enough for the kids to get involved in. Let's check out how to make it: ...

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Weight Watchers BLT Pasta Salad Recipe

Weight Watchers BLT Pasta Salad

Weight Watchers BLT Pasta Salad Recipe One of my favorite types of meals to make in the spring is a great salad recipe! Nothing says spring like fresh veggies and a big cold salad. Salads are a great choice for a meal because they are quick, easy, tasty, and (mostly) healthy. Many of you know that I've been trying to follow some weight watchers recipes to keep my diet in check. This week I wanted to share with you this super easy Weight Watchers BLT Pasta Salad Recipe. It's creamy, fresh, ...

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Weight Watchers Tropical Smoothie Recipe

weight watcher smoothie

Weight Watchers Tropical Smoothie Recipe   Smoothies are one of my favorite things to have for breakfast any time of year. I'm not big on eating a "real" breakfast so early in the morning. Mainly because I just don't have time. So smoothies are a favorite in my house. They are quick, cold, and delicious. Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite smoothie recipes with you, my Weight Watchers Tropical Smoothie Recipe!  It's only 5 Points Plus and will transport you to a ...

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