Rite Aid Real Deal 11/21


Rite Aid Real Deal Rite Aid Real Deals are frequently found when putting a coupon with a sale and store rewards! This trip I did not find any of the store rewards items in stock!? When questioned, the manager offered to allow me to roll my rewards (even if they expired) on the out of stock deal as long as I got a rain check.  Ask before your rewards expire and get rainchecks!! Still looking for a real deal, I did find Muscle Milk bars, regularly priced $1.79 on an unadvertised sale for … [Read more...]

Walgreens Rolling Rewards Deal 11/20


Do you know about rolling rewards at Walgreens? Walgreens has several little tricks to rolling rewards. Rolling rewards at Walgreens requires a bit of planning. Walgreens does not allow you to have more coupons than items in any transaction.  The store rewards, register rewards, counts as a coupon as well as any manufacturer coupons that you have.  So, sometimes you need "filler" items.  The most  lowest regular priced item commonly written about as a filler is the single caramels near the … [Read more...]

Insert Insanity FLASH Sale

Insert Insanity FLASH sale lasts till midnight on 11/20/13. This Insert Insanity Flash Sale includes 2 of the hottest weeks of coupons for this entire year!! See one  listing of the HOT 11/10 coupons here, and note the previews (11/6 and 11/10) that we showed you for those weeks.  Wonder Why buy coupons or why buy inserts?? This pack contains a 6 pack of November 10 whole coupon inserts and a 6 pack of November 17 whole coupon inserts.  The price includes shipping.  Sepcifically, you … [Read more...]

CVS Real Deal

cvs real deal

CVS Real Deal transactions for peanut butter, vitamins and handwash. I rolled a $5 extrabuck and did two transactions to get this CVS Real Deal. Sundown Gummy vitamins sale $7 - $2/1 coupon - 5 extrabucks= total .64 and got back 4 extrabucks. Net cost 1.64 Jif peanut butter 18 oz was on sale 2/$5 and had store rewards of $4 when you spend $12.  I bought 5 jars= 12.50 Dial handwash 7.5 oz was $2.50- 1/1 internet print = 1.50, got $2 extrabucks **I can honestly say I do NOT know if … [Read more...]

CVS Real Deal


CVS Real Deal shopping can be fun! Using a scenario to be more prepared for transactions can lead to CVS Real Deal shopping. I always check drugstore scenarios before heading to the drugstores.  My goal is to have the least out of pocket amount for the most product.  I only want product that I can use or donate not something to fill a shelf or space in my house! After determining what items are the best Real Deals for the week I check what coupons are needed and if I have those coupons.  Then … [Read more...]