Karla’s Korner: On Being Different

why fit in dr seuss

Karla's Korner: On Being Different On Being Different I heard someone recently say “It’s good to be different”. Those words have rolled around in my head since then leaving me to wonder what is “different” or rather what is “normal”? More importantly who determines which is which? We all have the notion that we are normal, regular people but how do we know for sure? ...

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Karla’s Korner: Love Quotes


Love Quotes Love Quotes Defining love and putting it to action…. Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is approaching and there are “signs” of love everywhere. Heart shaped boxes of chocolate line store shelves next to mounds of stuffed animals and dozens of roses will cost you a small fortune. Commercials for jewelry stores claim that every kiss begins with them or every love story starts with diamonds, fine gems, fancy food and romantic strolls in the moonlight. Love, according to much of ...

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Karla’s Korner: Unconditional Love Lessons from Sweetie


Karla's Korner Unconditional Love…Lessons from Sweetie Have you ever met someone so full of grace and selfless love that in spite of their own hardships or physical discomforts they think of others first? Someone who lives life based on faith and love of their Creator not for recognition but because it’s in their soul? It’s a rare and beautiful gift to know someone like this; my friend Sweetie (Carole) is that person; a gift to so many. ...

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Karla’s Korner: Motivation to Change Your Life

Motivation to Change Your Life

Karla's Korner Motivation to Change Your Life Motivation to Change Your Life Taking Chances; Accepting Challenges and Reaping Rewards A little over four years ago I took the chance and began writing “Karla’s Korner”. A year into the project I was asked to review movies for Lifetime. I had always loved Lifetime movies and jumped at the opportunity to review them and share my thoughts. I enjoyed my little writing job; it became quite therapeutic for me. Two years had passed and an email ...

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Karla’s Korner: To the Beautiful You

To the Beautiful You

Karla's Korner To the Beautiful You On Being Beautiful….. Sophia Loren once said “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical” In today's society it seems that beauty, or the idea of beauty is everywhere. The most beautiful people show up in advertisements for everything from hair care products to antacids. It’s as if one’s physical beauty is their most important asset. As someone who has struggled with self-acceptance my entire life, I ...

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Positive Quotes for the Day

beauty in burnt cookies

Thought Provoking Thursday: Positive Quotes for the Day Here's the story behind my positive quotes for the day. Last week started off so full of hope and joy with Christmas around the corner, my house was full of Holiday Cheer. Tuesday started off with a bang and a long list of things to do before the day ended. All my good plans came to a screeching halt, when I checked my checking account. I know you might be wondering why I was checking my account on Christmas Eve with so much to do but ...

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Madame Dealsism: The evolution of the cleaning tools


In life there are some things that become clearer to you as you have more children. The one thing that became increasing clear to me is the mess that children make increases at a substantial rate with each new addition. I decided to provide a chart of the cleaning tool evolution in our home. Pin it share it because its my life and I love it! You can see more of my dealsism here. ...

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Madame Dealsism


Do you ever run into someone and they try to compliment you but they say something that isn't a compliment. I mean they are trying but well it isn't as nice as it could be. I wish people would just say you look nice instead they say you look nice after having three kids. This is my quote replacement idea,   Pin this, share this, tweet this, goggle + but most importantly know its true! ...

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