Pure Blend Granola Giveaway

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Pure Blend Granola Having a healthy eating lifestyle is not just a fad. If you care about your health and want more energy, longer life, reduce risk of illness and lose or control weight then you should start finding products that are good for you. Eating all natural granola is a perfect choice for breakfast and snack. Granolas are rich in heart healthy whole grains that can help lower cholesterol, it is also rich in fiber and some with nuts and chocolate contain omega-3 fatty acids, ...

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Pure Blend Granola Review

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Why I Love Pure Blend Granola I recently had the opportunity to attend the Michigan International Women's Show and while I was there, I had a sample (or two) of Pure Blend Granola. I really liked it and that is saying a lot because I am a picky granola eater.  I do not like do not like "Tree-Hugger" Granola.  You know the kind that has so many nuts and crunchy things in it you wonder if there are any oats. My husband will eat any kind of granola and prefers the "sugary" kind but I like a ...

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