Free Money

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Okay, I like free money. I found a way to get more for my money without using a COUPON. I know fall over but I have a method to my madness. I use gift cards. I buy them from Plastic jungle. I save from 5%-20% off. I call that free money. This week I bought $100 worth of cards at JcPenny and I save $25. I also bought $100 to Build a Bear gift card for my son's birthday party and I saved $12. I also saved money using my Discover Card I bought everything on it this money and I got paid cash back ...

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Tuesday Tip: Buy Gift Cards

I know it sounds tacky, but actually it is really a nice idea if you make it personal. It is also a great way to get more for your money. This week at the Kroger they are offering $10 off if you buy $100.00 in gift cards. There are also sites out there like that you can bid on cards and get gift cards for less than their face value. Or you can trade your unwanted gift cards for gift cards you will actually use! I stock up this time of year. It helps me with my entertainment ...

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