Picaboo: Buy One, Get One Free Photo Books

A couple weeks ago I wrote about making photo books. I have used several different companies to make my photo books. I used Picaboo to make Cathy's Photo Cookbook last year. I just found out that Picaboo is offering a buy one, get one free deal right now! I really enjoyed working with Picaboo as it is a little different than the usual online services such as Snapfish or Photoworks. Picaboo allows you to download a program to your computer. This mean you can work on your photo book or project … [Read more...]


Do you have an account? If you do not you can get 20 free 4x6 prints for FREE. I love snapfish. They process my prints quickly and it is very EASY to upload to an edit. I put my pictres up and hit share. That way everyone in my family can order whatever they want. I have made several photobooks because I have become ot busy to scrapbook. My kids love ot look at themselves and the adventures we have taken together. Well have a super day and preserve the memory. … [Read more...]