Make Your Own Dog Collar

Picture provided by and Witthaya Phonsawat

Make Your Own Dog Collar Buying collars for your dogs can add up overtime. Even when you wash them frequently they tend to get dirty quickly and some stains just won't come out. With dogs that love to be outside, they are always in need of a new collar. It seems every time I go to buy one at the pet store, they are more expensive than the time before. I also find that the fashionable ones are way more expensive but I feel every dog deserves to feel special. That is why I have come up with ...

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MDM Petbrosia Giveaway


Madame Deals Media has teamed up with Petbrosia to provide this great giveaway event! Pet lovers hurry because you don't want to miss out on this awesome giveaway! Now you can customize your pet's food according to their nutritional needs with Petbrosia. And the best part is we're giving away two boxes of 20 pounds Petbrosia dog food or cat food in this giveaway! About our Sponsor - Petbrosia Every Pet Is Unique!™ Their food should be too. Petbrosia customized nutrition for YOUR ...

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How to Care for Pets on a Budget

Before I begin I should preface my life. I share my 2 bedroom apartment with 5 animals. I have 3 cats, 1 dog, and 1 rabbit. I also don't have alot of money left over each month after bills are paid so I have to stretch my dollars to the max to care for my animal family. The first best way to care for them would be by clipping coupons. You could go through the coupons in the Sunday paper, or to save me money from buying the paper I typically get coupons in my mailbox once a week and I go ...

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