Are you on the #PayItForwardExpress

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It's our goal this year is to support uniting people through giveaways. We're working with bloggers who want to spread the message and be part of the helping others revolution through the Mission Giveaway event. Some bloggers get sponsors who give you stickers... and some get sponsors who give you t-shirts, and some bloggers can get sponsors to give you dinner. Some maybe even get you a show or invite you to their room for swag... well Madame Deals events is giving you the whole darn … [Read more...]

Pay it Forward Express: Hint #2

So in life we sometimes get and idea that we wish to run with and sometimes you have to walk before you run... well how about if we can help you get to your goal by placing you on the #payitforwardexpress where everyday you can make a difference Tweet: I love to help others today I      #payitforwardexpress @madamedeals or/and The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is helping others achieve #payitforwardexpress are you in? #blogher12 RT @madamedeals Hint :1 … [Read more...]

Pay It Forward Express

HINT 1 In life we have only one opportunity to make a difference. That opportunity comes every second that you are alive. It is my great pleasure to have partnered with a company that feels the same way. They believe that paying it forward is a journey and they are prepared to give you a new way of looking at life one scene at a time. If you want to know more tweet #payitforwardexpress and tell me what you have done today to make a difference … [Read more...]