Small Things Make Big Difference

small things make big difference

Thought Provoking Thursday Do you believe that Small Things Make Big Difference? If you were given a chance to help someone else, how will you do it and who will you give it to? This is the challenge that Amee aka MadameDeals gave to us this week. This is called the Envelope Project! The goal is [...]

Pay It Forward You Deserve a Cookie

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward Do you know someone who deserve a cookie? It started with our Pay It Forward mission where we offered an opportunity to nominate someone for a note and one of the best cookies I have ever eaten, Cheryl’s cookies. Some may think that one cookie isn’t much, but what if the one [...]

Pay It Forward


Pay It Forward I decided two things the first thing is it is important to thank the people in our lives for being who they are. The other thing we need to do more of is just “make someone’s day” just because we can. I thought I would share a little bit of my life [...]

Pay It Forward Friday: Help Find These Missing Persons 12/7/12


For our Pay It Forward Friday this week, Madame Deals’ wants to do something to help find missing persons. We want to extend a hand by providing exposure to help people find their loved ones. In case you’ve seen one of these persons please contact their family and friends immediately. On the other hand, if [...]

My good deed

I often wonder if people realize the power they have to create change. It only takes one action to create a positive reaction. I take one morning a week to hang out with myself. I know crazy but it is a 2.5 hours that I need. I went to the mall today and I walked [...]

Enter to WIN 2 NYC Tour tickets!

payitforward button

It’s our goal this year is to support uniting people through giveaways. We’re working with bloggers who want to spread the message and be part of the helping others revolution through the Mission Giveaway event. The best of the best bloggers are heading to NYC and we’d like you to join us!! Will you be [...]