Fashion Friday: Dresses

I love to wear pretty clothes. I love them even more if I paid pennies on the dollar. I love that I can help others with my shopping tips and tricks.    This week I hope you dance is part of my pay it forward FRIDAY. I believe that a dress can make an event. I also know how expensive they are. we all have one in our closet that we spent to much on. I have a couple that I would never wear again but I spent a lot on them so they are still in there. This week I am taking three of the dresses that … [Read more...]

Pay it forward Friday

This year Madame Deals has a mission to unite people through good deeds and giveaways. I cleaned out all of our shoes and then spent $20 at goodwill on shoes all to donate to the homeless. Amee (Madame Deals) Making lots of hair goodies for little girls in need! {The Sophie Lou Project} Kate Finished a blanket I have been working on for a homeless person! Angie I had to get a large flat rate box instead of a medium flat rate so I could mail the elderly woman everything she was needing. I … [Read more...]