Gentle Parenting

Gentle Parenting

Gentle Parenting It is for freedom that we were set free, and Jesus came to set us free from punishment. He loved with a sacrificial love, and was ever present in times of need. I have been invited to share a little bit about my parenting. I think it would help to first say that I wasn't always a gentle parent. It would also help to note that I can not talk about my parenting journey without talking about God. I was often harsh and unkind with my children, to put it mildly. I was ...

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Lessons Learned from Hitting

lessons learned from hitting

  Lessons Learned from Hitting I recently posted something that happened in my family on my facebook page with an inquiry on do you believe in "tough love"? The conversation was quite lively and some people do not follow my rule for interacting on my page which is to attack the issue not the person. I did contact those individuals and asked them to apologize. I believe disagreement is perfectly acceptable but name calling and personal attacks are not. That is most likely because I ...

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Your Kid is Obese and it is Your Fault

child obesity

Your Kid is Obese and it is Your Fault I can't say you will enjoy reading this post. I am also sure I will get hate mail by the hundreds. I am just being honest. We have a duty as a parent to do what is best for our children. If your child is obese  you are failing. You are not teaching them to make healthy choices. You may not even be providing them with the opportunity to make healthy choices. I am judging. I am concerned. I should be. I am worried that your child will have these habits ...

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Karla’s Korner – My Girl: A Lesson in Inner Strength

inner strength

A Lesson in Inner Strength My Girl: A Lesson in Inner Strength One of the greatest joys in my life is being a mother. When my daughter was born 21 years ago I found myself in the “learn as I go” mode most of the time. As a matter of fact, I still learn as I go because just when I think I have it all figured out somebody changes the game plan. Somehow we’ve managed to learn and grow together as mother and daughter. From the time she was born it was apparent that she would march to the beat of ...

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10 Things My Daughter Taught Me


10 Things My Daughter Taught Me Today someone asked me what the most important thing that I have taught my daughter was. I could think of quite a few things that I deemed pretty important, but I decided the most important thing that I have taught her so far was to be kind to everyone, no matter how different they are. (Easy to teach when your parent is covered in tattoos and crazy hair color huh?). But it got me thinking, people are always so consumed with what they have taught their ...

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Karla’s Korner: Embracing Change


Embracing Change Embracing Change: Celebrating the Milestones in Our Children’s Lives It’s graduation season and social media is filled celebratory pictures. From preschool to high school parents are uploading scores of pictures to share with the world of their graduate. One picture posted this week settled deep within my soul as I studied it not for its pomp and circumstance but for what it wasn’t; it wasn’t celebratory rather random and simple. This photograph was of a young man who ...

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Stop Being a Wimp Learn How to Say NO

no save thousands.jpg

How to Say NO How to Say No I wrote a post about saying Why We Said No to Disney. I realized it hit a nerve with people. The purpose wasn't to debate whether you should go to Disney or not. The purpose was to help people understand that saying "No" can lead to saying  yes to more important things. I am often faced with decisions as we all are. Decisions that I have to give an answer to and the answer reaches far more than the immediate implications. I wish to say "Yes" but saying "Yes" means ...

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Why I Video Taped My Daughter’s Tantrum


 How to Handle a Tantrum I would first like to start off saying parenting is a journey of self discovery. I am pretty sure last evening my daughter wanted me to discover how far my patience was going to take me. I was going to have to put into practice my skill set from teaching and think back to how to handle a tantrum because she was having on and it was epic. I truly believe there are two parenting strategies the first is escalating your behavior to meet theirs and the second is to act ...

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Karla’s Korner: Learning to Love and not Hate


Learning to Love and not Hate…… On Thursday morning I saw this posted on Planting Peace’s Facebook page and immediately shared it on my own. Throughout the day I thought of the words on this picture and just how true they are. In the past several months there have been numerous tragic events involving school and workplace shootings, kidnappings, killings, suicides as a result of bullying and much more. Each time I hear of these situations my heart aches for the families of all involved. As ...

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Karla’s Korner: Top Ten Parenting Tips …Sort of


Parenting Tips Top Ten Parenting Tips…Sort of When I became a mother 20 years ago I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. In fact, until the day my daughter was born I had not changed a diaper. I was about as inexperienced as one could be in the child rearing department. Little did I know that no matter how much I learned it would never be enough. There is always something more to learn when being a momma. Today my kids are 20 and 14 and somehow we have managed to make it through ...

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