Small Business Showcase Review – Origami Owl

origami owl prize

Small Business Showcase Review - Origami Owl   If you do not know about Origami Owl you are missing out on a wonderful line of jewelry. Origami Owl is not just another piece of jewelry you will wear occasionally and then toss in your jewelry box and forget about. At Origami Owl they are in the business of Telling Stories with jewelry while others are telling stories with words.   … [Read more...]

Small Business Showcase: Origami Owl Lockets


Origami Owl gives you the chance to make your own custom Living Locket! Origami Owl is a social selling jewelry business. Create a Living Locket™ with custom designed charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love. Origami Owl was created in 2010 by a 14 year old girl that just wanted to buy a car for her 16th birthday! How cool is that? For my review the awesome Jodi Lynn Dressler-Origami Owl Independent Designer allowed to to search her website and build my own … [Read more...]