Best Way To Organize a Kitchen


Best Way to Organize Kitchen  I posted this picture and my son said, "That was me after I did the dishwasher.  "I am Pretty good." I am sure most of you are very thankful for cabinet doors. I decided after many injuries that I had to do something to make it easier and safer.  I needed to develop a strategy for organizing the kitchen. Best way to organize kitchen ...

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Put One Foot in Front of the Other

I'll admit it ... these days I need a little motivation to do some of the most basic things.  Working two full-time jobs is starting to take its toll.  My house is not filthy but it is far from clean.  The pantry, which used to be fully stocked, is running a little bare.  Fortunately, my husband continues to do the laundry and ironing, make the bed, and transport Missy to where she needs to go.It is time to regroup and make a plan.  Here are the first few things I need to do:  make a basic ...

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Stockpile Organization

stockpile organization

Stockpile Organization Due to my recent shopping adventures to Harris Teeter, my pantry was in need of  stockpile organization. One of the secrets to saving money, is to stockpile. This means to buy extra items your family uses regularly when the items are at their rock bottom price. We all know that Harris Teeter triples or Kmart super doubles allows for a plethora of stockpiling opportunities! I would like to share some tips to make stockpiling easier and more ...

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Gift Stockpile

I have learned to shop for gifts in advance thanks to my sister-in-law, Cathy. When there is a family birthday or holiday, Cathy is always prepared way in advance. I used to scramble at the last minute searching for the perfect gift. I would often wonder, how does Cathy do it? How does she find the time to be so prepared? Also, Cathy is very generous with her gifts. How can she afford to give so much?I then started shopping with Cathy. She is a bargain shopper like me. However, she is great ...

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