Are Flu Shots Necessary?


Thought Provoking Thursday Are Flu Shots Necessary?   Should companies have the right to force you to get a flu shot? *The original story for this post can be found HERE, all information has come from Today on Thought Provoking Thursday I wanted to see what your opinion was on company rules, and how far their rights go when it comes to what they expect from their employees. I was checking out the recent articles on and stumbled across an article I thought was … [Read more...]

Sesame Street introduces first character with a Dad in Prison


Sesame Street introduces first character with a Dad in Prison   Did you know that in the US 1 in every 28 children have a parent in jail? We have the highest incarceration percentage in the world. That is a scary fact. Sesame Street is addressing that head on with the introduction of Alex, the newest member of the puppet gang, who also happens to have a Dad in prison. Alex will not be a part of the regular cast, but his role is still very important. Alex will be playing a lead … [Read more...]

Welcome NBC 29 Viewers

Madame Deals on NBC 29 Welcome to Madame Deals! If you are new to our site, here are a few tips for navigation. To find the recent Rock Bottom Deals for stores, click on the store logo on our sidebar. You can print out the Rock Bottom Deals by clicking the "print this post" button at the bottom of the post. You can then use it as a shopping list. Are you new to couponing? You can learn the basics of using coupons by checking out the Coupons 101 guide. Madame Deals is holding a … [Read more...]