Keeping Track of Gift Cards

One of the most popular presents is a gift card. While I love getting a gift card, I am not the best at keeping track of them. Today, I unearthed from my junk drawer five gift cards from past mail in rebates and gifts. I had no idea what the balance was on any of them. I took the time to call the 800 number or check the balance online. To my great surprise, three of the cards still had balances on them! Now that is a Money Making Monday for ya! Anyways, I decided to mark each card with sharpie ...

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The Big Box Deception

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Do you buy in bulk? How about stockpile? How do you know if you are getting the best value by buying in bulk? Yes, Amee and I both have Sam's Club cards. However, we have come to realize that just because it comes in bulk, does not mean it is the best price. Many times, a sale combined with a coupon will net you a cheaper price per unit than buying in bulk from a big box store. Let's look at the Walgreen's trip from yesterday: The current promotion at Walgreen's is buy (8) Unilever ...

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