Ask A Marathon Mommy: Eating on the Run

Check out this tips for marathon! Eating on the Run It’s been 8 days since my 26 mile training run, and I feel like I am just about fully recovered. The first 48 hours after the run were difficult. I was stiff, achy, dehydrated, and exhausted. I attempted my first run on Wednesday, and it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I ran two miles at a very easy, slow pace, and I still had a good bit of pain in my right knee. So I decided to give my body a bit more time to rest and recover. I am afraid … [Read more...]

Ask A Marathon Mommy: What’s In Your Bag, Mommy?


First, an update. When we spoke last, I'd suffered an injury during a half marathon. Luckily, it turned out to be nothing more serious than some bruising. It took a good week for it to heal and put me a bit off track with my training schedule, but I was still in pretty good shape for yesterday's 20 mile trail run. Which brings me to today's topic. Prior to each group run, the Galloway program directors and group leaders send emails to participants. The emails contain directions to our meeting … [Read more...]

Ask A Marathon Mommy: Setback


On Thanksgiving morning, I ran my second half marathon. I ran it about a minute slower than my first 13.1 in October, but it was a much more pleasant run. The course was easier, the weather was cooler, and (most importantly) I was more prepared, training-wise. Overall, I felt great during and after the race. However, around mile five, I felt a sharp, painful cramp in my left foot. The acute pain passed quickly, but my foot ached for the rest of the race. I had a similar, dull pain in my right … [Read more...]

Ask A Marathon Mommy: Life Goes On

Sharon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a background in mental health, substance abuse, and child welfare. "I tried my hand at being a work at home mom, but in 2009 I decided that being a stay at home mom is what works best for me and my family, at least for now. As my kids like to say, I'm "The Boss" of the family, which includes my husband of 9 years, two daughters (ages 4 and 6), and a giant goldfish named Princess Leia. My girls are beautiful and curious and wild and exhausting, … [Read more...]