Madame Dealsism:The Holiday


I had a super 4th of July. I really enjoyed spending time with my family. I was so excited to see my little ones reaction to the fireworks. He kept saying, "oh, oh, Oh.... WOW!" That was after he ran crying into my arms when he first say them. I wish I kept a notebook of all the little memories because there are so many.I had a thought this morning as my husband was begrudgingly getting out of bed to go to work. He said,"have a good day." I could tell he was not in the mood to deal with ...

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Madame Dealsism- Spending money

madame dealsism

I know my slogan is making dollar$ out of change but what if you keep spending the change? The change is actually how we view our money and the goals we have. They are actually achievable if you break them into small steps. It is important to look at what and how you spend your money and determine where and how you can save. If i can save money anyone can trust me! ...

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Madame Dealsism: Facebook Like


Dear Friends-If we are "friends" on facebook. I thought that most of you should know thatI also want to add that I feel guilty deleting you or un liking you because you didn't do anything wrong. I just got caught up in wondering if you had a job, were married, had kids, didn't serve time, still dressed like a hooker. You know I couldn't help but wonder about your life and you have given me the opportunity to set my mind at ease with a quick peak at your life. Facebook is little like ...

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