Madame Dealsism


Do you ever run into someone and they try to compliment you but they say something that isn't a compliment. I mean they are trying but well it isn't as nice as it could be. I wish people would just say you look nice instead they say you look nice after having three kids. This is my quote replacement idea,   Pin this, share this, tweet this, goggle + but most importantly know its true! … [Read more...]

Harris Teeter Trip

The super doubles.... I spent $70.24. I had two children with me and the only reason I made it through my trip was becauseĀ I was organized. I bet you are thinking, well $70.24 is still a lot. So was it worth the work I did to spend $70.24? I think so. I got $233 worth of food for $70.24. I took this opportunity to stockpile my meat. I got 3 bags of shrimp $25.98 total 1 bag of muscles $3.99 total 3 packages of boneless and skinless chicken breast $11.15 total 2 packages of London Broil $9.87 … [Read more...]