Luvs First Kid/Second Kid, What Changed for You?


Everything with the first kid is a learning experience. No matter how many classes you take and how much ‘advice’ you store away to be used later, you are never actually ready for what is coming your way. The second time around is also a learning experience is some ways. You know more of what to expect but now you are balancing two little ones, both of which are depending on you. The older one is used to you being able to help them as soon as they ask and the baby is in need of almost … [Read more...]

Reminder: Luvs $5.00 Coupon

UPDATE: The $5 coupon can be found on the promotions page. You need to register for the Luvs Network. It looks like they will send you the coupon latter. If you have a child in diapers, first thing tomorrow you should register at for a $5 coupon! Starting September 15, you can go to and receive a $5 coupon off a pack of  Luvs diapers! We’re reaching out to you before the launch because we want to make sure everyone at Madame Deals knows about this awesome opportunity before … [Read more...]