Listerine 21 Day Challenge Wrap-Up and Giveaway Winner


Listerine   Here's a wrap-up on my Listerine 21 Day Challenge Well I can claim success with my Listerine 21 Day Challenge wrap up. The regimented oral health routine that Listerine had me on truly paid off. For 21 days I brushed for two minutes (AM and PM), flossed twice a┬áday and used Listerine mouth wash twice a day morning and evening. Some of the benefits of the program include the following: 1. Initially I was skeptical of the benefits of flossing twice and rinsing twice a … [Read more...]

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Listerine Take the LISTERINE 21 Day Challenge for oral health. Learn how you can do the same and help kids in need get access to oral care. Win #LISTERINE oral care products & $25 Walmart gc's during a party on 2/20 (Wednesday) at 1p ET! Don't forget to join my Listerine Products & $100 Walmart GC Giveaway! Shop Madame Deals and Save! … [Read more...]

Listerine 21 Day Challenge


Listerine Here's an update on my Listerine 21 Day Challenge I can tell that my gums are stronger. Was it a superhero that helped? NO! Did I think using a rinse like listerine would really make a difference. I didn't. I really didn't understand the impact a small change in my oral care could make in my overall health. I did know that a couple of minutes a day could impact my smile the way Listerine Has. I can tell this small change has create the healthier mouth I was looking for and helping … [Read more...]

Listerine 21 Day Oral Care Challenge: Win Listerine Products & $100 Walmart GC


Listerine 21 Day Oral Care Challenge Well here we go, I am about to embark on a slightly different oral care routine over the next 3weeks. This is my introductory post as I challenge myself to a 21 day Listerine challenge. My oral routine over the last few years has been pretty basic - brush with a conventional tooth brush and toothpaste in the AM and follow it with a flossing session. In the PM I only typically brush right before bed without flossing. I have not used a rinse routine … [Read more...]