Preachers’ Daughters premieres on Tuesday, March 12


Preachers' Daughters Does the Family That Prays Together Stay Together? Imagine being a preacher's daughter. You know God is watching but the pressure of having a whole church with their eyes on your behavior is overwhelming. What if you slip and give into temptation? What if you create temptation? What if you are considering a job in the sex industry? How about if you had a baby and have no idea who the father is this is enough to give anyone a heart attack but what if you are a preacher's ...

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Army Wives returns to Lifetime on March 10

army wives

Army Wives They Stood Together…Cried Together…But They Never Imagined Losing the One Who Held Them Together Lifetime’s hit drama series, Army Wives returns to the airwaves on Sunday, March 10, 9:00-10:00PM (ET). Do you watch Army Wives? I love the show and have been a fan since season 1. On Sunday, March 10, the hit series Army Wives returns to Lifetime for its seventh season. AND THINGS HAVE CHANGED DRAMATICALLY. It’s time to say goodbye to a major cast member and to welcome some new faces ...

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