Easy Laundry Hacks


ARM & HAMMER™ plus OxiClean™ Power PAKS I am sure you can relate this is why I hate laundry. 1) Even though my kids have a laundry basket, they do not use it 2) Laundry is never ending unless you are a nudist you will always have another load 3) We can't seem to keep our socks together, so we have a sock bag 4) When my husband does the laundry that is almost always, he is men clean. He does so on the dining room table. We now call it the laundry table. Yes, we do have a ...

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Frugal Ways to Save Money on Best Home Appliances

Frugal Ways to Save Money

Frugal Ways to Save Money Best Home Appliances I am a deal seeker but you really do not have to always seek out a deal. I would say seeking a deal is one Frugal Ways to Save Money on Best Home Appliances and for me it is very important. You can save hundreds and I have to ask why wouldn't you do a little research. This is a big purchase! We recently needed both a washer and a dryer. We decided to set a budget but we also decided that we had to get energy efficient  appliances with great ...

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Power of Resolve in my Battleground!


Resolve What is your battleground? Mine is the laundry room. Check out the video below on how I handle daily challenges of getting stain out and how the power of RESOLVE makes everything easy! Resolve My Stain Got stain problems or stain solving tips? Head on to The Resolve® Tip Exchange, this is the place to go to solve your toughest laundry stain problems. Got a stain that needs solving? Leave a question. Got a stain solution? Share your tips. This is a ...

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