Protect Your Family with a Reliable Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

Disclosure: “This post is sponsored by Kaspersky Lab and The Motherhood. All opinions in this blog are my own.”Protect Your Family with a Reliable Internet Security Kaspersky Lab Core Products – A Gift of Security at 50% OFFBecause internet security is so important, Kaspersky Lab core products will be our gift to ourselves this year. This gift will be one of security. Whether it be kids on their tablets, teens posting to social media, or parents balancing the check book, all of us are ...

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Online Safety Tips

online safety tips

Online Safety Tips I am pleased to bring you my take on how to monitor your kid's internet usage. This is post is brought to you by Cox Communications because they value their customers and seek to communicate online safety tips.I have three kids and their favorite activity is to get online. They are all under 10. The reason is simple I am always online for work so that is what they want to do as well. I can't believe the alarming rate that the internet has grown. I mean my 8 year-old has ...

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