Karla’s Korner: Digging for Treasure

Karla's Korner: Digging for Treasure

Karla's Korner: Digging for Treasure Digging for Treasure… A treasure is defined as “a concentration of riches, often one which is considered lost or forgotten until it’s rediscovered.” Quite often when we speak of a treasure we refer to material objects such as precious metals and gems often accompanied by a treasure map with “X” marking the spot. In searching for various definitions of the word treasure I stumbled upon a beautiful poem titled “What Is Treasure” (written by T. Lee). In ...

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Karla’s Korner: Life and Lemon Crackers

Karla's Korner: Life and Lemon Crackers

Karla's Korner: Life and Lemon Crackers Life and Lemon Crackers… My grandmother used to make lemon crackers when I was a young girl. Not really a cracker, more like a round lemon shortbread cookie with little holes from the tines of a fork pressed gently into the top of each one, she made these delicacies several times a year. At the time I had no idea just what an tedious process it was to make these tasty treats; I always thought it was just another cookie. While the ingredients were ...

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Karla’s Korner: Opens Minds…Open Hearts

Open Minds..Open Hearts

Karla's Korner: Opens Minds…Open Hearts Opens Minds…Open Hearts Author Steve Aitchison once wrote “Open minded people do not impose their beliefs on others. They accept that we all have a different perspective on life and do their own thing in peace without judgement.” Having read this particular quote several times this week as it circulated on social media in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision that ruled that same-sex couples can marry nationwide I pondered what it ...

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Karla’s Korner: A Letter to the Joneses

Karla's Korner: A Letter to the Joneses

Karla's Korner: A Letter to the Joneses A Letter to the Joneses…. We all know that one family who somehow manages to make life seem perfect. Social media is saturated with pictures of exotic vacations, kids perfect grades, new cars, houses, lavish shopping trips; the list is endless. And if we admit it we have all found ourselves feeling a bit envious and try to keep up with them from time to time; they are the “Joneses”. Having had several conversations about “The Joneses” recently and ...

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Karla’s Korner: Be the Tree

Karla's Korner: Be the Tree

Karla's Korner: Be the Tree Be the Tree…. On a recent late spring afternoon I sat quietly under an old oak tree in my back yard. Our yard is full of little critters scurrying about building their nests, feeding new babies and on occasion playing in the trees. As I sat in the stillness of the afternoon I noticed a tiny tree poking through the lava rocks surround the deck steps. I move in to take a closer look and see the tiny sprig that if left in the ground would one day become a big ...

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Karla’s Korner: Choose Love….


Karla's Korner: Choose Love…. Choose Love…. Rambling through the backyard on a recent Saturday afternoon I stop, breathe deep, close my eyes and let the air slowly seep out of my lungs. Springtime in rural Virginia is a wonderful mix of crisp mornings and beautiful warm afternoons. Sometimes I think if I listen hard enough I can hear the buds on the trees burst open displaying tiny new leaves that will grow and provide cool shade in the heat of the summer. On this particular afternoon ...

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Karla’s Korner: Raise Em Up

Karla's Korner: Raise Em Up

Karla's Korner: Raise Em Up Raise Em Up... “….So you meet someone The only one You take her by the hand Make a stand Buy some land Make some love And then babies come Raise em' up…” These words from country music singer Keith Urban’s new song “Raise Em Up” has resonated in my head and heart this past week. As I sat outside of the dressing room at the tuxedo shop on Wednesday waiting for my son to emerge so the sales associate could make sure everything fit properly on his prom tux I ...

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Karla’s Korner: Fear Not

Fear Not

Karla's Korner: Fear Not Fear Not…. Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons. Once in a while I am struck at how the simplest of things leave the deepest impact and teach the most valuable lessons. To live abundantly and to really enjoy life, requires us to pay attention to the small things, the everyday ordinary things that when combined together make up the really big things; the most important elements in our life story. As much as I focus on embracing the ordinary, I still find ...

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Karla’s Korner: My Weirdos…My Tribe

Find out why Karla encourage us to find our own tribe

Karla's Korner: My Weirdos…My Tribe My Weirdos…My Tribe An old African proverb states “It takes a village to raise a child” and I believe that our village has become a more important and necessary element in today’s world than ever before. Living in an information saturated, fast-paced world our children are faced with a vast array of difficult challenges as well as fantastic opportunities. Finding our way through the parenthood pathway can be a daunting, often scary undertaking; it ...

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Karla’s Korner: There Are No “Re-Do’s”

There is no time for a rewind on the boom box of life, only a “play” button. So push play and move on. Karla's Korner

Karla's Korner: There Are No “Re-Do’s” There Are No “Re-Do’s” Country music group Rascal Flatts sings a song titled “Rewind” in which the subject of the song wishes he could rewind a particular night; a date that he wished had not ended so quickly. I’ve heard this song several times recently and found myself wondering if I could rewind certain life events would I. If the opportunity arose would I grab it? Once in a while I think it would be nice to go back to the little kid days of Barney, ...

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