Insert Insanity FLASH Sale

Insert Insanity FLASH sale lasts till midnight on 11/20/13. This Insert Insanity Flash Sale includes 2 of the hottest weeks of coupons for this entire year!! See one  listing of the HOT 11/10 coupons here, and note the previews (11/6 and 11/10) that we showed you for those weeks.  Wonder Why buy coupons or why buy inserts?? This pack contains a 6 pack of November 10 whole coupon inserts and a 6 pack of November 17 whole coupon inserts.  The price includes shipping.  Sepcifically, you … [Read more...]

HOT Coupons 11/10

Don't Wait on these HOT Coupons 11/10! Get yours now and don't wonder if your paper will have these HOT Coupons 11/10. Wiz Clipz does the work for you! They find the specific coupon, clip and then send you a pack of 10.  Don't bother buying a bunch of papers when you know you really just need one or two items.  See a coupon that would make for a great donation item, buy multiple coupons from Wiz Clipz.  Get only the ones you need and or want! $1/1 Colgate 4oz plus $1/1 Sara Lee … [Read more...]

Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile Pack

Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile Pack for October and the first of November is ready! Get your Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile Pack- you will have all the coupon inserts with none of the hassle of getting papers each week! Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile pack has all the October coupons as well as the new coupons for this weekend (November 3, 2013).   The Insert Insanity Big Daddy Stockpile pack  also has a special bonus of a $10.00 Wiz Clipz credit for the  sister site that … [Read more...]

Last Chance Deals!

Hurry out for these last chance deals! Use your coupons that are expiring on these last chance deals NOW! Dollar General and Family Dollar:  Purina 2.6 oz Tbonz dog treats $1 each - $3/3=FREE Dollar Tree: Gain fabric dryer sheets $1- $2/2 = FREE Freds: This is the last Saturday before the end of the month so you need to use any expiring end of the month coupons you want doubled today.  These coupons would result in FREE items:  Colgate .50/1- get the $1 + 42 % free box , Dawn .50/1, … [Read more...]

Insert Insanity FLASH sale


Insert Insanity FLASH sale- good till 3 pm EST!EXTENDED till midnight!! Hurry to Insert Insanity FLASH sale to get this deal that will be SHIPPED TODAY! ********* UPDATE:  Extended till midnight, will ship on Saturday 10/26.  ********* Insert Insanity FLASH sale price is $10 off the list price AND ships today.  This Big Daddy Stockpile pack will only be available while inventory lasts. It also has a special bonus of a $10.00 Wiz Clipz credit for our sister site that deals with clipped … [Read more...]

Insert Insanity October Catch Up Pack


Insert Insanity October Catch Up Pack is now live on the site! Insert Insanity October Catch Up Pack allows you to purchase only the inserts and not the newspapers! This Insert Insanity October Catch Up Pack includes all the HOT coupons from October.  The coupons would include those for the HOT coupon deals from 10/13 as well as any Real Deals using October coupons.  If you get these inserts you will be well prepared for deals that come up later this month- such as this FREE All detergent … [Read more...]

10/13 HOT Coupons And Deals

Wonder what the HOT Coupons and Deals are for this weekend? Want to get the HOT Coupons and Deals before they are gone? Here is a  look at  HOT coupons for 10/13/13. Colgate $.50/1  toothpaste 4 oz. + Use this Colgate $.50/1 toothpaste 4 oz. + at Fred's on Saturday when it will double to $1 for FREE toothpaste! This coupon may also be used at Rite Aid on the 6 oz. $3.50 toothpaste, pay $3 out of pocket and get $3 Ups for a net cost of FREE. Prevacid 24HR/Gas-X/Benefiber $10/3 products … [Read more...]

Insert Insanity Big Daddy Pack


Insert Insanity has a new Big Daddy Pack available while supplies last! This is the largest Insert Insanity Big Daddy Pack ever offered. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get all of September's Sunday coupon inserts as well as the first week of October inserts! In addition to the 110 coupon inserts as listed below you get a bonus $10 credit at Wiz Clipz!!! September 8: 10 Smartsource 1 10 Smartsource 2 10 Red Plum September 15: 10 Red Plum September 22: 10 … [Read more...]