Homemaking Tips: Bath-time Tricks

Have you noticed how hard it is to successfully wash your daughters hair? The reason I say daughter is because 98% of the time they are the troublemakers, but boys may cause this too.No matter how hard I try to get my youngest to let me wash her hair she fights me so hard I wind up giving up from lack of energy. She is very strong willed like my husband, so I have learned a few tricks from her stubbornness….Hope they help you out. J1. Let them do it their self – My daughter is 2½, and ...

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The Art of Homemaking


After years of being a homemaker I have made numerous decisions, as well as acquired a variety of opinions about them. It can be chaotic, stressful, and there are days where you just want to toss in the towel because you think you cant handle it and a daily 9-5 would be better. Life isn’t perfect, there are bumps in the road, and once we realize that everyone around us has their imperfect moments, we will all be a bit happier...Cause guess what MOMS?! None of us are perfect no matter how hard we ...

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