Food Allergies

Here is some useful info from a friend of mine. I know a lot of kids these days have food allergies. I have found a website where you can print out cards to show waiters/cooks to make it extremely clear that someone at your table has food allergies. It is Also, if you're traveling to foreign countries, I found another site where you can order cards that can translate food allergies and other medical conditions into different languages. www.selectwisely dot … [Read more...]

Tuesday's Tip

Get organized. The easiest way to save money is to get organized. I am working toward this goal. This weekend I bought apple juice; 3 of them. I went to put the apple juice in their optimal location and there sat 2 apple juice bottles. I now have a stockpile of apple juice, which isn't that awful. However, I spent $5 out of my $100.00 budget on something we didn't need right now. So how am I going to avoid this in the future? I am going to stick with my list. I place my Madame Deals list on my … [Read more...]