Choppy bob

choppy bob

Choppy bob I wanted a choppy bob. The reason is simple. I have three kids and about 7 minutes to get my hair dryed and styled. That seven minutes is if my children are taking a shower in the morning otherwise we are looking at enough time to dry my hair so it isn't dripping. I wanted a hair cut that frankly looked messy as the "look". I saw the new summer bob and had to have it.  Two days ago Choppy bob The problem was I grabbed a magazine and I went to the wrong person to do it. I ended ...

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Hair Cut Disaster

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I know that getting a haircut for most of us is a luxury. I mean when else can I sit down in a chair and have someone do something for me? It isn't often. It is nice to have your hair brushed and styled. It is something I look forward to doing. I like to get a different hair style each season. I have it shaped or colored or something new done because frankly I get bored. I always buy a magazine and pick my hairstyle.   This picture is my hairstyle after I went to the salon and the picture of ...

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Cut the Cost of a New Hair Cut

This post brought to you by Regis Family of Brands. All opinions are 100% mine. Do you need a makeover? Can your children see? I know my kids need a new haircut for school. It seems their bangs have grown like weeds over the summer. I usually wait until the last moment because it seems like everything is so expensive. That is why I was over the moon to find coupons for haircuts. The best part is they are for EVERYONE! Yes, that is right.  You do not have to be a student. You do have to ...

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