Real Deals: 80% Savings at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Today I went to the Dollar Tree with my coupon box in hand. I purchased everything in the photo for a total of $11.10. Had I bought these items at normal Dollar Tree prices it would have cost $24.60 (55% savings). Had I bought these items at my local grocery, drug, or discount department store it would have cost approximately $55.00 (80% savings.) Thanks to Gwendolyn for this real deals trip! Check out other Real Deals Savings. Let's all help encourage others to save! If you have a real … [Read more...]

Real Deals: August Safeway Trip


This was from a few months ago, but one of the best trips I've had at Safeway. Safeway trip: Saved 68%!!! Many of my friends and family know my husband works at Safeway. So we usually shop there because we get the extra perk of using my husbands work discount (which is 10% off Safeway brand items - even food!) Well, this trip, nothing purchased was Safeway brand, so no extra 10% discount, but I did have coupons, and I did save a bunch! I spent $16.52, but saved $31.27 with coupons/store … [Read more...]