Turkey Salad

turkey salad

Turkey salad is a great way to serve Thanksgiving leftovers!Pair this Turkey salad with chips, crackers or put on a bed of lettuce for a quick and easy entree. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:223]Variations:  We added Southern caviar dressing- which is a mixture of Italian dressing and Rotel tomatoes.  Some of our family just ate the turkey salad plain with a spoon or scooped in a celery stick (gluten free!:)).  Other family members put the turkey salad on herbed baquettes. Wild Turkey would also ...

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Chicken Taco Dip Recipe


Chicken Taco Dip Recipe I have three children, and they all want to help cooking. I decide that is a perfect idea especially when I would rather eat and watch the game then get up and make food for everyone. I took them to Save -A- Lot. We found the ingredients we needed for the  Chicken Taco Dip. Save- A-Lot cost 40% less than my average supermarket. We also found paper goods and drinks for the biggest game of the year with prices everyone can cheer for. I was especially impressed with ...

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