Alternative Gift Wrap Ideas

alternative gift wrap

Alternative Gift Wrap Ideas Wrapping gifts can be expensive. Last year I shared my tips for creating alternative gift packaging. Below you will find a few tips from Mrs. Not Made of Money. Start looking for packaging ideas now! It’s always a challenge in our house to stretch our holiday budget to its absolute limits. I am a stickler about staying within the confines of our budget so I have to be creative when it comes to finding inexpensive ways to wrap the gifts I give. My goal is to make … [Read more...]

Holiday from the Heart: Gift Packaging

gift packaging

Gift Packaging Ideas Oh how the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season has begun! I was out shopping yesterday and the parking lots were packed and so were the stores! As I was shopping, I was thinking of gift packaging ideas. I know many times gift bags are used as a simple solution to wrapping. Gift bags can be pricey though. Here are a few gift packaging ideas to use that will keep more money in your pockets! … [Read more...]