CVS Summer Items 90% off

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As I mentioned, I haven't been out shopping much. I even skipped my weekly weekend run to CVS! Today I had a few extra minutes after I got off work and I was able to stop by. I did not do any of the weekly deals as I wasn't anticipating this trip. I did however, come across some great deals in the Summer Clearance! I bought: (2) Sunflower Sprinklers for $1.49 each (one will be for our use, one will go to my gift stockpile) (2) Bubble Fun Playsets .39¢ each (1) 6 pc beach set .29¢ (2) Big … [Read more...]

Gift Stockpile

I have learned to shop for gifts in advance thanks to my sister-in-law, Cathy. When there is a family birthday or holiday, Cathy is always prepared way in advance. I used to scramble at the last minute searching for the perfect gift. I would often wonder, how does Cathy do it? How does she find the time to be so prepared? Also, Cathy is very generous with her gifts. How can she afford to give so much? I then started shopping with Cathy. She is a bargain shopper like me. However, she is great … [Read more...]