Tips & Tricks to Save Money On Wedding

Save Money On Wedding

Save Money On Wedding When I was young, I never really had any dreams about my wedding. I didn’t have anything planned, no real must haves-I always just wanted to have fun at my wedding. When I got engaged, I realized I’d be planning the whole event by myself. I was not excited. I also had to sit down and really put everything into workable figures as to how much we could afford. Here are a few tricks that I learned to save me tons of money on my wedding: Tips & Tricks to Save Money On ...

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Target Gift Card Contest: Wild Walls and Wall Friends at Target!

UMI Pinterest Contest Flyer

Target Gift Card Contest Want to win Target Gift Card? Here’s a fun giveaway that you shouldn't miss! Enter for a chance to Win With Wild Walls and Wall Friends at Target! How to Enter: $100.00 Target Gift Card – Head to a local Target (participating store) and have you or a friend take a selfie with Uncle Milton Wild Walls or Wall Friends & share on social media using #WallFriends. $250 Target Gift Card - Purchase a Wild Walls or Wall Friends from Target or, mail the ...

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KidsEmail Review and Giveaway

Being a mom I want to introduce my kids to the latest technology and since everything is done online now I know that it is important for them to learn how to use email. I want to give them their own email accounts, unfortunately free and regular email accounts are not safe for kids, some have inappropriate ads and even indecent spam messages. If I'm going to give my kids an email account to use, I want one that is 100% safe for kids and one that I can monitor. I found the solution with ...

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What Do You Call Easy Money?

I’ll admit to anyone that I’m all about saving money.  Many of the things I do to save a few dollars take very little time.   The bottom line is "every dollar I save is a dollar I don’t spend." Last week when I was filling up at my local gas station, I noticed a sign on the pump offering me the opportunity to earn a $10 gift card.  It caught my attention and when I asked the attendant to explain, I learned it was very simple.  All I had to do was purchase a minimum of 8 gallons of gas and ...

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