Free Printable Halloween Bingo


Free Printable Halloween Bingo   Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love doing Halloween crafts and games with my family. One Thanksgiving we went to a family members home and they had a bingo game set up with prizes for the winner. My daughter was hooked after 1 game, so now for every holiday she wants to play a themed version of Bingo. So for Halloween I made thisĀ Free Printable Halloween Bingo GameĀ for her, and I wanted to share it with you guys as well! Bingo is so ...

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Family Game Night Fun

family game night

Board Games Are Not A Thing of The Past Most of my childhood was spent without a television in the house. When we did finally get a TV, we didn't have cable. I spent my days playing outside, reading and playing board games. Monopoly and Strattego were favorites for my sister and I. Fast forward to my kids and board games are just pretty boxes down a toy aisle at Target. A few years back, we instituted random Family Game Nights. During this time electronics were off and it was mandatory ...

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