Karla’s Korner: Ages and Stages of Friendships


Ages and Stages of FriendshipsAges and Stages of Friendships…. I’ve written a lot about friendships and how important it is to have friendships. I read a blog earlier this week by a man who for most of his life claimed to be a loner. He saw no need for love in his life. It was his opinion that he was better off without a lot of the distractions and complications brought on by excessive friendships and love relationships. But somehow the right woman slowly crept into his life and he realized ...

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Karla’s Korner: Friendships of the Soul


FriendshipsFriendships of the Soul….. I have this thought rolling around in my head; one that can be adapted to many situations. Can a person love another person without having ever met the; can you really know a person without having ever met them face to face? Can you be friends with someone without having ever met them? While most would answer “no” my answer is “yes!”When I started writing nearly four years ago I had no idea the volume of people my words would reach. I had absolutely ...

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