Fighting Animal Abuse | My Life as a Furry Foster Parent

animal abuse

Animal Abuse - A Deadly Problem in Your Own NeighborhoodThis is a picture of the emaciated female dog that was brought to my home on Tuesday. I couldn't post sooner because I was so angry, I didn't know what might come out. This little girl is named Vayda and she was rescued from a home in Detroit, MI. Vayda is a prime example of the animal abuse that goes on everyday in homes across the country. Vayda is around 1 years old and has been used for breeding not once but twice.When the ...

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Life of a Furry Foster Parent :One Stop on the Road to A Fur-Ever Home

furry foster parent

The Journey as a Furry Foster Parent is never Predictable and full of Emotion!My Kids and our Furry Foster Failure (Brownie) If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I have become an animal pushover. I don't know if my attitudes have changed or if I have just given up fighting my first instinct to say NO! My husband has always enjoyed snakes and I had informed him ,over 10 years ago when we met, that I was not a snake person. There is only one thing I despise more than a snake and that ...

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