Mission Giveaway Little Pim Fun With Languages Prize Packs

Little Pim

Mission Giveaway Little Pim Let kids learn foreign language in a fun way. This week we have awesome Little Pim prizes to give away. This is an award winning language learning DVD for kids. About Our Sponsor Little Pim is a foreign language learning company that introduces children between the ages of 0 and 5 to a foreign language using DVDs, music CDs, flash cards, and books. Little Pim is the brainchild of Julia Pimsleur Levine, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and mother. … [Read more...]

Learn a New Language Fast and Easy with Berlitz


Learn a new language at Berlitz! Do you speak a foreign language? Or have you always wanted to learn one? Growing-up my dad pushed us so hard in learning different foreign languages. He always reminded us how it will benefit us when we grow up. We're not rich but he worked so hard just to send us abroad to study. It was never easy but he was right, now that we're older my siblings and I never run out of work and opportunities because we know how to speak different foreign … [Read more...]

Rosetta Stone Language Solution Deal 42% Off

rosetta stone

Is your New Year's resolution to learn a new language? Then hurry and check out this deal and grab this chance to pay only $259 for Rosetta Stone Spanish, French, or Italian Level 1–4 Set (List Price of $449)! Available languages: Spanish (Latin America), French, or Italian. Includes Free shipping. Features: Interactive digital lessons blend visual and aural cues Speech-recognition technology provides instant feedback on pronunciation Live conversation practice with native … [Read more...]